This is one of the non-trivial routes that fit persons of any type of training level. It goes through numerous scenery places and shows a variety of the reserve’s nature. You will see the Rozhno bog from every side and probably encounter some of its inhabitants. This route fits for both cyclists and hikers.

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Ecological Track

I recommend starting today's big route with this eco track. It gives a general overview of the Reserve nature, its flora and fauna. This track is popular among all tourists and quite easy. A part of the route has a wooden masonry that is a distinguishing feature of the track.

Observation Tower near the Rozhno Bog


A high tower is placed on the shore of a bog.
You will be able to look at the swamp and its inhabitants from the bird's-eye. It's good if you take some optic equipment to watch rare birds. Near the tower, you will find the house of a swamp man 😉

Viewing Platform in the Bog

If you have never seen a high marsh, you will be very surprised about its world. You will be able to measure the swamp's deep, pick up or see how cranberries grow, find a predatory plant drosera and even walk a bit on the bog. And many more.

Museum of Mythology


The museum of mythology was created to show how in the past people explained natural phenomena. You will also find a mythology map of the reserve and will be able to even visit some of these places during my guide. Near the museum passes the mythological trail.

Forest Zoo

Berezinsky reserve is the only place in the continent where Europe's big five live together in a wild environment. In the forest zoo, you can see all of them (and not only). Don't forget to take a present for a bear (oranges or candies are good).

Observation Tower near a Weather Station

One more observation tower is located at the edge of the field and was built to watch deer, moose and roe deer. They are frequent guests here in winter.

Boar Trap

A real trap for catching wild boars. Scientists catch boars to investigate and mark them. Unfortunately, after a few waves of plague, almost all boars were liquidated. But in the last years, the population is quickly recovering.

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