Did you know that you are near a unique object connecting Black and Baltic seas? Here in 1797-1805 were built 6 channels, 14 sluices, and dams. In this route, you can overview the last part of the system, the Serguch channel. This bicycle route is quite simple for persons with any kind of training level.

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This is the river Buzyanka/Serguch as it was originally. A part of the Berezina water system passes by the Serguch river from lake Manets on the north to the Serguch channel on the south.


Here is the Serguch channel begins. The water of the Serguch river is divided into two streams: the main flow goes to the straight and wide channel and the small brook goes along the old Serguch a little east.

Sluice in Kvetcha

This is one of two active sluices on the Serguch river nowadays. It was reconstructed a few years ago. Sluices that were originally built on the channel are different from the modern one. You can find some archive photos on an info stand. This is a favorite place for locals in summer. You can freshen up here having a short swim before we continue;)

Sluice in Kraitsy

This is the second active sluice nowadays. It was built here from scratch in 2011. Originally the old sluice was located a bit down the stream, near the bridge. You can still find the remnants of wooden constructions there.

Sluice in Zalazy

One more, and the last one, sluice on the Serguch channel was built here. Unfortunately, it wasn’t saved to the present day. But you can estimate the size of the construction by the big mound along the channel and remnants of wooden installations.

Former village Zalazy

Here was built one of the sluices on the Serguch channel. When the channel was building, near the sluices were established a few villages. Two of them are alive, but the village Zalazy isn’t. Still, a few years ago you could see here the last house converted into a warehouse for boat engines, but now it left only on photos.

Observation Tower in Zalazy

A tower in the floodplain, where the Serguch river and the Serguch channel flow into Berezina. It's a great place to watch wild animals and birds like deer, moose, beavers, ducks, etc.

In 2019 I was happy to see one of the rarest birds – White-Tailed Eagle. I recommend visiting the tower on the sunset and take binoculars or other optic equipment.


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