We will observe interesting points around the Kraitsy village, an ex main manor of Berezinsky reserve. We will visit old places where, in former times lived locals, unique nature objects, and will have the possibility to take great shots.

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Old paved road

On the path to the next point, you can see the remnants of the old road that was built with stones. It means the road was used even a few centuries ago. Pay attention to the high mound leading to the river. It says that the old bridge was much higher than the current one.

Bridge through the Berezina river

This wooden bridge connects the village Brody and Berezinsky reserve. On the left bank is a checkpoint. There are no other bridges or ferries in 27 km above and in more than 70 km below the stream. Also, many years ago, here was filmed a movie and blown up the old wooden bridge for this.

Observation Tower in Brody

Not a big observation tower with a view on the floodplain of the Berezina river. The useful place to watch for birds especially in spring. On this bank you can also see the remnants of the paved road.


Kraitsy Village

Kraitsy is an ex administrative center of the Berezinsky Reserve. Recently a big village with a hospital, club, shop, post office, etc. Now is a secluded place in the heart of the reserve. Local sightseeings here are two war monuments and a sluice on the Serguch channel. You can refill your water bottles in the village.

Old hunter tower

In the deepness of the forest, you will find an old tower built many years ago for hunting purposes. On the ground under the tower was placed a bait and hunters in the house were waiting for animals. I don’t recommend you climbing the tower because the old construction is quite dangerous.

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