Brain reload in the forest

I wondered, why me and other people like visiting forests, bogs, doing hiking, cycling or kayaking, etc. And the answer immediately came to my mind.

I noticed that when I go to the forest, just for a walk or to research some interesting place, I leave all other thoughts outside the forest. The brain is absolutely clear. Neither daily routines or thoughts about the job worry me. I think only about what happens right here and right now.

How to reboot your brain

I mean, you forget about everything you usually think about in cities. You have no laptop and the internet, nobody calls you and the TV doesn’t distract you. This is what we often lack: to look at our life differently, break out of the routine and reset your brain.

How to reboot your brain

When I visit some deep and wild place in the forest or bog I feel how my mind tries to catch every noise or movement of a tree or a bird. It’s like an instinct to save from unexpected encounters with dangerous animals. Or to be hidden from other people in the forest;) So you can’t think about anything else. The brain is only analyzing what you see, hear and smell.

In very wild places you can feel a light scary from the suspense on the one hand, but on the other call of adventure to continue your journey. Sometimes it gives you a portion of adrenaline and makes your heart beat faster and increase feelings.

How to reboot your brain

I noticed another thing as well. If I am in a well known and safe place, I feel absolutely relaxed to the sound of nature (wind breath, rustle of leaves, birds’ songs, noise of trees). In such a condition, you can easily generate interesting ideas or get a different view of usual things. It many times helped my friends and me to dramatically change the life or approach in business or job.

So, if you feel exhausted with your current job or have a difficult situation in your life, I highly recommend you to spend a weekend in the forest or to have some trip you haven’t done before (hike, cycle, kayak, etc.). It will give you many new thoughts and emotions.

How to reboot your brain

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