In this route, I will show you some scenic lakes you can easily access by car. You will see a few preserved lakes and other unique water objects, like watershed of Black and Baltic seas, etc. On the way, will be gazebos where you can have your ready lunch or you can visit a cafe in Nivki.

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Buzyanka River

This river is a part of the Berezina water system that connects rivers Western Dvina and Dnepr. If you sail downstream you will reach the Black sea, if you sail upstream – the Baltic sea.



One of the tourist complexes in Berezinsky reserve. Consists of a few guest houses, a good cafe and cozy gazebos for picnics. You will see them on the path to the next point. I recommend you consider this complex for future visits to the reserve.

Wooden pathway

The route to the next point lake Manets lies through the wooden pathway. The coasts of the lake are quite marshy, so the pathway was built for convenient access to the lake.

Lake Manets

One of the lakes (and the last one) created by waters of the Serguch river. It also is a part of the Berezina water system. Take attention to the roots of yellow water-lily. They take here unusual mystic shape.

Residence Plavno

It’s an ex-presidential residence. The current Belarussian president doesn’t visit this place but sometimes his guests are accommodated here. Today every people can book here a room but it’s quite expensive. You can freely access the complex for a walk. Just ask permission at the checkpoint.


Lake Plavno

One of the biggest lakes in the reserve, and a very beautiful one. On the pontoon, you will find a comfortable gazebo. You can also rent a catamaran or boat and have a short sail on the lake.


Because it was a presidential residence, of course, there is a helipad here. It’s not used now but I am sure if needed it still possible to land a helicopter here.


The Berezina Channel

The heart of the Berezina water system. This is where the watershed of Black and Baltic seas is located. The sluice between lake Plavno and the channel is right this point. Imagine how one match you launch here will reach Black and another one Baltic sea.

Camping Domzherickoye

In my opinion, this is one of the most favorite places to rest in Belarus. Not a luxury but comfortable house, sauna, and a big gazebo and nobody in 4 km around! We are having a rest here with my friends every year.

Lake Domzherickoye

One of the most beautiful lakes in the reserve. You can take some great pictures of a gorgeous view from a wooden pier. Interesting that it has only one land approach – here. So, the whole lake ‘belongs’ only for tourists having rest on the camping;)


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berezinsky reserve

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