I will show you some of the most interesting and easily accessible places in the western part of the Berezinsky reserve. They can be interested as nature lovers, as from a history point of view. The route starts in Domzheritsy, leads mostly through forest roads and finishes in Domzheritsy as well.

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Old Quarry

Recently this big quarry was being used for sand mining. About 10 years ago it was closed. Now, this is a favorite place for deer and roe deer. Probably you will encounter them here.

Monument to the Partisans of WW2


Here buried partisans and patients of the partisan hospital who could not be saved. In 1944 Germans did here a big clean-up operation. Partisans didn't have time to evacuate all the injured and a group of them were living for 18 days in two underground dugouts near here to hide from the enemy.

Partisan Hospital

Here, during World War 2, was based a partisan hospital. You can find remnants of dugouts and a memorial stone. The hospital was placed on a shore of a big swamp and had a good position to hide from the enemy. There were 2 partisan hospitals in the reserve during the war.


An ex village that was destroyed by fascists during World War 2 and hasn't been restored after that. Now you can find here a war monument and some remnants of a former life. Wild deer and roe deer are frequent guests on this glade.


Savsky Bor

The smallest and the most distant village in this area. Only two families left to live here. A car shop comes here once a week only and in winter it even can not arrive because of snow. Inconveniences compensated by the wonderful natural surroundings and closeness of the river.


Camping Dubrovka

A wonderful place on a bank of the Berezina river. This camping was built for kayakers, but it's also accessible for cyclists and hikers. Actually, a small part of the route can be a bit flooded, so you will have to dismount. On this camping, you can have a rest and lunch. BTW you can even find some food from previous visitors. And the river will help to refresh after the tedious trip. Don't forget to leave the camping clean after your visit 😉

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